A Perfect Guide For Quail Hunting

Quail hunting is a favorite activity that is practiced by people all over the world. The bird is hunted for its meat as it is said to contain various medicinal properties. There are various strategies and tips to be followed by the hunters. This is because it is not that easy to hunt a quail. Proper planning and patience is the key towards quail hunting. Usually, quail hunters are accompanied with dogs which help in identifying the quails. The group of quails once spotted is allowed to fly into the air. The hunter makes use of this opportunity to shoot the quail.
The following are some of the useful information that would help quail hunters.

Quail Habitat
Quail usually thrives on places that are open and woody. You can find them in open field which contains crops with seeds that the quail feed upon. Grasslands are also the habitat of quails. You can also see them hidden in briars. Quail do not visit fields with overgrazed grass as they feel insecure with less grass around them. It is said that the quail population has seen a steady decrease in the recent years. There are various private properties which offer permission for quail hunting. The daily pattern of quail would be of great use for quail hunters. In the morning you can find them on the fields and in the noon at wooded areas. Quails feed on the seeds of the fields in the evening and prefer to rest in the grasslands.

Hunting Using Gun
It is essential that quail hunters make use of the right type of gun for quail hunting. Usually, a shotgun is recommended for quail hunters. Quail hunters can make use of a shotgun with gauge 410 to 12. It is essential to own a shotgun of proper barrel length and choke. Usually, 26″ barrel length is preferred by professional quail hunters for their shotguns. You can also make use of improved cylindrical choke.

Safety Tips
Generally, quail hunting is done in groups along with the dogs. Thus there are chances for accidents that can result in the death of the co-hunter or even the bird dogs. Thus it is essential that the quail hunters follow specific safety tips during quail hunting.
Hunters should approach their dogs from behind. It is always important to point the gun skywards when not in use. The hunter should inform about the range of swing with his co-hunter. Do not try to shoot the low flying quail.
The above article would serve as a complete guide for quail hunting.

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