Imagine a place located in the natural surroundings of West Texas. Abundant regional game and wildlife are found here along the beautiful upper watershed of the Leon River. Combine this local wildlife with the most prized fish and upland bird species from the Rockies and the Midwest and you will begin to see the makings of what is Leon River Ranch. This small yet diverse hunting and fishing area is centered around you – specializing in sporting and accommodations for a limited number of guests at one time. You, the diverse surroundings, and the most helpful staff —— this is Leon River Ranch! It’s the perfect destination for corporate or family trips, vacations, hunts, meetings and gatherings.

Leon River Ranch is a smaller shooting preserve (approximately 400 acres) so we concentrate on a secluded and intimate outdoors experience. This intimate and individual experience will have you feeling “The Ranch Experience” without distractions of multiple quests.

The ranch boasts dramatic terrain sculptured by the Leon River. Views in excess of 5 miles in distance are common from elevated positions on the south portion of the ranch. The upper Leon and joining creeks (flowing during parts of the year yet continually wet) cause rich and thick tree producing areas along its path through the property. Magnificent oak, cedar and birch trees make the ranch extremely lush. Rolling hills and shear river and creek valleys predominate Leon River Ranch. Fossils caledl “crinoid stems” from the Ordovician geologic period are common on the rocky surfaces of the ranch. The terrain is very rugged making some travel in the ranch almost impossible. This should be a welcomed fact to the adventurous among you!